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Which Cutter to use?

Which cutter should you use?

One question I get asked a lot is which cutter is the best to use? The answer is quite simple. The best cut is the cut you like to use. My recommendation is to experiment with each type of cut to find out what you like best. The choices are limited to straight cut, punch cut, or V-cut, and you can use a sharp knife, finger nail, or your teeth, but these last three I don’t recommend unless you absolutely have to. While there is no superior type of cut, there are some very slight advantages and disadvantages to each cut.

Straight cut – Takes off the upper portion of the cigar’s cap. Available in single blade or double blade (guillotine).

Advantages – A straight cut can cut any type of cigar and is not limited by shape or size. In most cases it gives the cigar an easier draw (draw on a cigar is the ease in which you can puff on the cigar and the amount of smoke that accompanies each puff. In example a tight draw feels like you are trying to drink a milkshake through a straw and there is little to no smoke produced from all the effort). With the larger opening more smoke is allowed through and in my opinion the cigar smokes a little cooler.

Disadvantages – it is more likely to get little pieces of tobacco in your mouth.

Punch cut – makes a small hole in the cap of the cigar.

Advantages – gives the cigar a smaller opening, this way any cigar that is punched will smoke like a torpedo. This causes the smoke meld together through the small opening, and many feel make the cigar a more complex smoke. Because the punch cut retains most of the cap there is less chance of getting small pieces of tobacco in your mouth, and some people like the way the cap feels aesthetically.

Disadvantages – A punch cutter cannot cut torpedoes or really thin cigars. Sometimes the draw in not as full and the small opening can cause the cigar to smoke a little hot.

V Cut – makes a notch in the cap of the cigar like a long trench.

Advantages – this cut is a cross between the punch cut and the straight cut. Like the punch it retains most of the shape of the cap while giving the easier draw that accompanies a straight cut.

Disadvantages – The cut can “close down” while smoking, which means the sides of the trench can compress (especially if you tend to bite down on the cigar) and the cigar will no longer draw.

My personal favorite is the straight cut. If you don’t already know what your favorite cut is, trying the various types can be fun.
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