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Rolling your cigar

I want to start the cigar tips section of our newsletter with a subject near and dear to my heart because if you aren’t rolling your cigar you’re not getting a 100% of your cigar, and I want everyone to enjoy their cigar to the fullest.  But what is rolling a cigar?  The first thing you may think of is the actual rolling of the tobacco into a cigar, and that is correct, but there is actually two terms for rolling.  The type of rolling I’m referring to is a method of exhaling cigar smoke.  This method is quite easy in theory but takes some getting used to.  Once adopted your enjoyment of cigars will increase to a point you won’t believe.  The rolling method is simply this - after taking a puff from your cigar simply close your mouth and push some of the smoke out of your nose.  The rest of the smoke is then blown out through the mouth.  You may choose how much smoke to exhale out of the nose and then the mouth.  I recommend starting with a small amount through the nose and working up to exhaling more as you get used to rolling the smoke.  This method is called rolling because it “rolls” the smoke up through your palate, which is on the back of the roof of your mouth, through the sinuses and out of the nose. 

The main advantage to rolling cigar smoke is it increases the flavor of the cigar and if you can increase the flavor of a cigar you increase enjoyment.  Smoking a cigar uses all the senses, but the main senses used when smoking a cigar are smell and taste.  These two senses work in conjunction.  I have heard that people who lose their sense of smell complain that food doesn’t taste as good.  It is the same thing here.  Sure you could exhale the smoke out of your mouth and the breath the smoke in, but this way is backwards.  You will not get the concentration of smoke on the palate and then you will be inhaling the smoke.  Rolling a cigar is the only way to get a 100% from your cigar and it keeps you from inhaling.  I roll my cigar on every puff, but it takes some getting used to.  First off rolling a cigar not only increases the flavor, it increases the strength as well.  So, you don’t have to roll the cigar on every puff, it’s something that must be built up to.  You may have go back to mild cigars at first and move back up to medium and full-bodied.  But let me tell you, when I first was taught to roll a cigar by Jeff Borysiewicz, the owner of Corona Cigar Company, a whole new world opened up for me, it was like – WOW.  There is no way to describe the feeling – the increased taste.  It must be experienced, and so I see it as my duty to share with the brotherhood of cigar smokers, just as it was shared with me, the wonders of rolling a cigar.  Enjoy!
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