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The Corona Cigar Chopper

Corona Cigar Company and Lake County Choppers have created the worldís first cigar themed chopper.  At 10 feet 6 inches long and with a fat 280-rear tire, this super stretched monster feels right at home in front of Corona Cigar Companyís gigantic store in Orlando, FL. With more than a slick paint job, this outrageous chopper is a cigar loverís dream bike.  In the center of the gas tank are two unique compartments. The top compartment is a velvet lined port wine rack, complete with a vintage bottle of 40-year-old Port.  The other is a glass top, cedar lined, 25-count humidor that is stocked full of Corona cigars. Not to fear, there is even a built in silver scissor cutter located under the handlebars.

From the rear of the seat to the bottom of the rear fender, you will find a hand painted, 3 dimensional Corona Cigar. Of course this is no ordinary cigar, the ash lights up and smoke comes out when the brakes are applied. When not riding around the streets of Orlando, the Corona Chopper will be on the road at bike shows around the country with itís creators from Lake County Choppers in Mt Dora, FL.


The Corona Chopper infront of the World Headquarters



Size matters!



Custom Built by our friends at Lake County Choppers



Cigars, Port wine, what else could you need.



A  Davidofff cutter of course



This baby hauls ash!

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