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Decision by the High Court

Corporación Habanos S.A. and Hunters & Frankau Limited, its distributor in the United Kingdom, welcome today's decision by the High Court enforcing Corporación Habanos SA's legal right to prevent cigars being imported from Cuba into the EEA without its consent.

Jeremy Hertzog, the lead partner on the case at Mishcon de Reya, attorneys to Hunters and Frankau, commented that: "The High Court has once again delivered a message to parallel importers that you are not allowed to import trade marked products into the EEA unless you have the real consent of the trade mark owner itself; the consent of a distributor acting outside its remit will not be good enough. This judgement will be welcome news for brand owners concerned at the risk that the quality of their goods may be compromised through uncontrolled distribution channels".

Buyers of fine cigars should be aware that the authenticity of Corporación Habanos SA cigars can only be guaranteed if they are purchased through the authorised channels. Hunters & Frankau will continue to guarantee, through its English Market Selection stamp, the high quality and authenticity of the Havana cigars that it distributes in the United Kingdom, as it has done for two centuries.

Hunters & Frankau is grateful for the considerable support and encouragement it has received during the course of this litigation from members of the cigar trade. Further, Hunters & Frankau assures them, and all those with an interest in the fine cigar business, that, in conjunction with Corporación Habanos SA, it will continue to uphold the reputation of the Havana cigar trade and the famous Habanos brands.
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