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Guantanamera, a new cuban brand

Habanos s.a. presents the world launching of a new cigar brand."GUANTANAMERA".

The new brand differs from the traditional Habanos both in its product design and its commercialisation: theses cigars are manufactures in a modern facility belonging to the Cuban tobacco industry (ICT), using blends of leaves from Vuelta Arriba, the second most important tobacco-growing region in Cuba. "Guantanameras" mild flavoured cigars.

With an original presentation, rigid packs and packs of 5 and 10 units, the new brand comes in four vitolas:

PURITOS - This is the smallest size (106-mm. long and 10.32 mm. in diameter) which is why cigars of this vitola are called " little pure ones". It joins the family of small -sized cigars which Habanos s.a., began to introduce in its portfolio of vitolas last year.

COMPAY - This is the next larger vitola ( 123 mm. long and 15. 87 mm in diameter). Its name is typical Cuban expression used informally in eastern Cuba to mean friend or pal .

DECIMOS - This vitola is 134 mm long and 15.08 mm. in diameter. It is named for the ten-line verse form in which the song Guajira Guantanamera -the source of inspiration for the name of this brand- was written.

CRISTALES - This is the largest vitola (150 mm. Long and 16.27 mm in diameter) It comes in a protective transparent tube and is the perfect gift for a good friend. It is also presented in boxes of 25's.

The new cigars are cellophaned thus allowing a better preservation. Tips are already cut to facilitate lighting.

As a new product, "Guantanameras" are sure to be given a warm welcome in those market segments where the Cuban cigars have been not present so far.

After its launching in Dortmund (Germany) on September 14th, "Guantanameras" will continue be introduced in other markets as well as Canada, Mexico and Havana.
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