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A Good Cigar and a Good Drink: the Perfect Combination

There's nothing like a good cigar, discovering its aroma and taste and losing yourself in the smoke after each inhalation. It promotes reflection and real appreciation of the moment. In some cases, a drink can be the ideal complement, enhancing your sensations and bringing even more pleasure from different combinations.

Some time ago, a Brazilian culinary magazine held a smoking session to see which drink combined best with cigars. Its choice was a Cuban Romeo y Julieta Churchill cigar, one of the most popular ones of its size in the world, which gives more than an hour and a half of pure smoking pleasure, combined with sherry, port, single malt, rum and cognac, which were consumed in that order, working up from lesser to greater alcoholic content. Each of them presented interesting characteristics on being combined with the cigar, and the final result was a tie between rum and cognac-the two whose high alcoholic content made them the favorites.

Is this result the ideal? Should you stick to rum alone, which comes from the same place as the cigars, or with cognac, which has a long tradition of being sipped while smokers savor their cigars? The best answer is that there aren't any hard-and-fast rules for enjoying a cigar, and you have just as much freedom in your choice of a drink.

Choosing a cigar is a matter of time, place and mood. This should also be kept in mind when selecting the drink to accompany it. There are countless possible combinations-it all depends on you. All of the drinks used in the test are normally consumed along with cigars, but we shouldn't forget other possibilities, such as liqueurs, wine and even some kinds of beer (normally, the ones with the most body). You'll be surprised by some of the drinks you'd never thought of in combination with smoking, which turn out to be absolutely wonderful.
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