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For the Humo Jaguar International Festival: Foreign Ministry, FIDE and APROTABACOH sign agreement

The Honduran Association of Tobacco Growers and Cigar Makers (APROTABACOH), FIDE Investment and Exports and the Honduran Foreign Ministry have signed a cooperation agreement to carry out the 1st Humo Jaguar International Festival in Tegcuigalpa and Danli from February 13-17, complete with tours of Santa Rosa de Copan and Copan Ruinas.

Businessman Jorge Bueso Arias served as Witness of Honor at a special ceremony where the agreement was signed by Honduran Foreign Affairs Minister Mario Canahuati, APROTABACOH President Maria Pia Selva and FIDE Executive President Vilma Sierra. In addition to being an international tobacco festival, the event is also designed to attract investment and tourism to Honduras.  
Honduras is home to some of the best known cigar companies in the world, including
Rocky Patel, Camacho, Flor de Selva, Flor de Copán and Don Tomás. Also participating in the event will be the top multinational companies of the cigar world, including Imperial Tobacco, Skandinavian Tobacco, the Oettingher Group, Oliva Tabacos and Plasencia Tabacos.
The vision of HUMO JAGUAR is to offer cigar aficionados worldwide an opportunity to get to know Honduran brand cigars, as Honduras positions itself to soon become the largest producer of hand rolled cigars in the world. The event will illustrate the fact that the prestige of the Honduran cigar is the result of a combination between the quality of land, the expert hands of those who plant, pick, cure, age and roll the tobacco and the competitiveness of the country’s distribution circuits. All in all it takes between two and three years to produce a fine Honduran cigar.  The Honduran tobacco industry generates some 100,000 jobs and tobacco is the fourth largest export product in Honduras. 
FIDE, long known for its effective promotion of investment and exports in Honduras, is the perfect partner for APROTABACOH in the organization of this extraordinary event.
By signing this agreement alongside APROTABACOH and FIDE, the Honduras government demonstrates its commitment to encouraging investment as a dynamic tool for growth as a nation.
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