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Hand-Rolled, Value-Priced Nat Cicco Rejects Now Available in 4-Packs

Zander-Greg, Inc., just unveiled new packaging for its popular line of bargain-priced Nat Cicco (SEEK-oh) Rejects.  First appearing in 1965, these were the original high-value, hand-rolled cigars on the often-copied  “rejects” theme. 

Nat Cicco Rejects, available in Churchill and Robusto shapes, contain an all-tobacco medium filler, using extra-select tobaccos from some of the world’s most prestigious and sought-after brands, including Cameroon, Connecticut, Dominican, and Honduran.  The cigars have an all-tobacco wrapper in claro, natural, and maduro, with a homogenized binder.

According to company president Arthur Berberian, “Nat Cicco Rejects have proven the perfect solution for the present economy’s need for quality cigars at affordable prices.  Their sales have doubled in the first three years since we obtained and revitalized the brand in 2007.  Their exclusive filler blend and consistently skillful construction offer performance that rivals many premium cigars. They have earned their place as the centerpiece of our product catalog.”
Nat Cicco Churchill and Robusto Rejects 4-Packs are now appearing at convenience stores and other tobacco retailers, as well as at traditional tobacconists, who also have them available in 50-cigar boxpresentations.  With the option of three wrappers and two sizes, there are six available choices.
Berberian says, with confidence, “Nat Cicco Churchill and Robusto Rejects 4-Packs will become an effective entry-level sample for new customers.  We’re making it easy for smokers to pick up a 4-Pack and see what these high-quality, uniquely-blended-for-us cigars are all about ... a smooth, complex smoke, and a success at the cash register.” 
All four Nat Cicco Rejects in each 4-Pack are the same size and blend.  Suggested retail prices  for the cigars are $4.80 (Churchill) and $3.50 (Robusto).

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