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Arango Cigar Co. Introduces Yeowww! Catnip Cigar Toys

Arango Cigar Co. has introduced Yeowww!® cigar-shaped catnip toys for pet-loving cigar smokers, according to Arango’s president, Michael Gold.  DuckyWorld is the manufacturer of Yeowww! “catnip toys that actually work.” They state, “If your cat toys don’t say Yeowww! ... what makes you think your cat will?”

These premium cigars are 7" x  64-ring and completely stuffed with 100% guaranteed fresh, organically-grown catnip, devoid of foreign filler material.  DuckyWorld asserts catnip is a safe herb for cats and humans, and guarantees their hand-sewn, high-quality cotton twill fabric is “strong enough to withstand as much scratching, biting, bunny-kicking and slobber a cat can dish out.”  Each cigar includes a distinctive Yeowww! embroidered logo.  The cigars are presented in a brightly-colored box, and retail for $5.50 each.

      Gold states, “We have been pleasantly surprised at the consistently strong sales for our other cigar-related pet product, Chewgars® rawhide cigar-shaped dog chews,  which are also available at tobacco retailers.  Chewgars have been a successful Arango product  for several years.   We think Yeowww!’s appeal is due to striking cartoon-style display graphics.  Their admittedly quirky box art stands out on tobacconists’ shelves, contrasting with other tobacco products.”

    Yeowww! catnip cigars are now appearing on tobacco retailers’ shelves.  In addition, to see a video on the hilarious effects of a Yeowww! catnip toy on a cat, visit
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