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“Dean’s Cigars Heavy Weights” Are Latest All-Tobacco Cigars From M & R Holdings/Farmer’s Gold

     Dean Rouse says, of the latest product from his family’s M & R Holdings, Inc., “As the seventh-generation family member to work this North Carolina land and manufacture fine, American-made tobacco products, our reputation is of paramount importance to me.  I’m proud to put my name on Dean’s Cigars Heavy Weights.  I’m confident cigar smokers will recognize in them, that our commitment is still to providing value ... not just reliable quality and smoking satisfaction, but also at an affordable price.”

     Dean’s Cigars Heavy Weights are the same size as the company’s 2003 release, their 100mm Dean’s Large Cigars, containing slow-burning, air-cured burley filler and 100% homogenized tobacco wrapper.  Both filter-tipped cigar brands come in nine flavors: Full Flavor, Mild, Menthol, Cherry, Vanilla, Rum, Wild Berry, Chocolate, and Peach, and contain only natural flavoring agents.  Both are presented in 20-cigar soft-packs, and differ only in weight ... to meet regulations in some states, Dean’s Heavy Weights weigh more than four pounds per 1,000 cigars.  Dean asserts they contain only the highest-quality, tobacco, like all Dean’s cigars and pipe tobaccos.  When queried on suggested retail pricing, Dean commented, “Our products are always competitively priced, especially considering their quality.  This is why retailers say they are such ‘much asked-for’ products.”  M & R Holdings offers a 100% no-questions product guarantee on these cigars, as well as all their products.   Dean’s Cigars Heavy Weights are appearing this Summer, at tobacco retailers nationwide.

Company Profile:
     Founded in 1998, M & R Holdings, Inc., is a family-owned manufacturer of tobacco products, with a seventh-generation tobacco-man Dean Rouse at the helm.  The family’s unbroken history in every phase of the tobacco trade, from growing to final product, dates to the early 1800s.  It produced tobacco and now cigars, on its original 21-acre location in Pink Hill, North Carolina, where it employs 45 full-time personnel, in its 28,000 square-foot facility.  All phases of the business are located there ... sales/marketing, production, graphics, packaging, tobacco blending and flavoring, and warehousing.   Storage facilities are minimal, as the company buys fresh tobacco on a weekly basis to supply its nationwide domestic and international markets.

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