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Father-Son Tabaqueros Reunite to Create “The Rebirth of Full Flavor” With Gran Habano Azteca Premium Cigar

Azteca is the first fruit since the popular 3 Siglos brand from the father-and-son team of “Don” Guillermo Rico and son George.  It is more than the latest Gran Habano brand premium cigar,  it emphasizes their “Rediscovery of Full Flavor.”

    Azteca is the company’s first departure from the established Gran Habano flavor profile.  According to the younger Rico, “There has never been a Gran Habano maduro, until the Azteca.  It is actually a double maduro, as both the San Andres wrapper and binder are extra-fermented naturally, without sweating or other artificial means.  The long filler is Nicaraguan and Panamanian, and the first release of the Azteca has been aging since August, 2009.  The three available sizes are: the 5-1/2" x 52 Aguila (Eagle) Torpedo, the 6" x 54 Jaguar, and the 6" x 60 Puma.
     George Rico explains the “Rediscovery of Full Flavor,” by saying, “For years, cigar smokers have misinterpreted the desirability of ‘full body.’  Full body is only a measurement of strength.  In reality the Flavor, not the body, is the measure of cigar satisfaction.  Full-bodied cigars tend to be one-dimensional ... often, the more power, the less flavor.  It’s possible to smoke a strong cigar that lacks flavor, while many mild cigars are loaded with satisfying flavor ... one shouldn’t confuse the two.”
     “Our goal is to bring to light the fact that full flavor, in contrast to full body, means a harmonious smoke, with complexity, depth, smoothness, and individual nuances.  That’s what our new Azteca line exemplifies.  To my palate, the Azteca is a unique, balanced cigar with an abundant rich flavor you won’t find in any other cigar.”

     Now, the two men are back at their prior specialties ... Don Guillermo manages their own Nicaraguan farms and Honduran factory, while George directs all operations in the Miami office and warehouse, including sales/marketing and blending, under direction of Don Guillermo.  The Ricos have again joined their talents and energies at Gran Habano Cigars, confident Azteca will prove to be  another electrifying release.

     Azteca’s suggested retail prices are $6.20 (Aguila), $6.60 (Jaguar), and $7.20 (Puma). This Summer, smokers can experience the new Azteca cigars, and their “Rediscovery of Full Flavor,” at tobacco retailers nationwide.
Company Profile
“Don” Guillermo Rico and son George A., are third- and fourth-generation tabacos negros and premium cigar producers.  The family entered the cigar arena in 1920, in their native Colombia.  Founded in 1997, their Gran Habano Cigar headquarters is based in Doral, Florida.  The company currently employs 250-300 workers in their family-owned Honduran factory.  To date the factory produces on average several million Gran Habano, G.A.R., and private-label cigars per year.

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