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New Year - New “Roots Run Deep” Tour for Toraño Cigars in 2010

2009 saw Toraño Cigars’ Carlos and Charlie Toraño personally appear at thirty-plus select tobacconists nationwide, as part of their “Our Roots Run Deep” Tour.  The special-theme events brought several new and exciting surprises to the world of premium cigars.  Now, they have announced a second round of Tour dates for 2010, in light of the stir they created last year.  Likewise, the Toraños promise even more new and thoughtful treats for smokers and retailers alike.

     Board chairman and president, respectively, the father and son are highly-recognized and respected in the dark-tobacco world, as their family-owned company approaches its 2016 centennial.  Being rightfully proud of their Cuban heritage and their legendary history in the craft of premium tobacco and cigars, the two launched their nationwide Tour last year.  To say it was a success puts it mildly.
     “We averaged over a hundred guests at each event,” recaps the younger Toraño.  “The smokers’ excitement, combined with the upbeat ambience, special deals, unique Toraño merchandise, authentic Cuban food and beverages ... simply ignited the three-hour cigar parties.   Felipe Sosa, our ten-year veteran roller ... I believe he’s the best in the country ... rolled a specially-blended cigar made exclusively for attendees of these Tour events.”  We then announced this previously-unnamed cigar “Tour Blend 2009.”  Due to its acclaim, we decided to produce limited runs of the cigar in a 6" x 50 Toro shape, selling them only through retailers who hosted the events.
     “Dad and I divided our attendance at the parties,” Toraño states.  “The Tour was our most successful promotional campaign ever ... not only for our cigars, but for the recognition and praise we received from at each retailer’s shop.  To be face-to-face with the enthusiasm regenerated us time after time.”
     The Tour was also the springboard for Toraño’s latest blend in the Exodus series, following the original Exodus 1959 (“Gold”) and Exodus Silver, two of the consistently highest-rated cigars by the media.   Christened “Exodus 1959 - 50 Years,” it celebrates the 50-year triumph by the Toraños and other tobacco families over the Castro regime.  A unique new blend ... rich, with a smooth, gorgeous wrapper ... the new Exodus 1959 - 50 Years (nicknamed “Copper”) is gaining marketplace attention and sales momentum.  According to Toraño, “We see Exodus 1959 - 50 Years taking its place in popularity, alongside its predecessors.”
     The Tour begins this February 26 and 27, at two Dallas-area Up In Smoke shops.  Contact information is posted in the “Future Events” calendar on the Toraño Web site,, as are some upcoming tour dates.  All will appear on the calendar as the tour takes shape.  The Exodus 1959 - 50 Years will be spotlighted, along with the new Companion Pack, a “Buy Three, Get One Free” four-cigar sampler, all 6” x 50 Toros: Casa Toraño Natural, Casa Toraño Maduro, Cameroon 1916, and Virtuoso.
     New Toraño merchandise, including t-shirts, ashtrays, travel cigar cases and lighters, will be available for sale and as promotional gifts at the events.  Toraño states, “Smokers are eager to get mementos from the Tour events, and our branded shirts and smoking accessories are popular items.”
     A special promotional idea enlists Torcedor Sosa as a teacher of the rolling art.  Periodically at each event, a guest’s name will be drawn, and the ticket-holder will be invited to learn at the elbow of the master.  A few minutes later, they can submit their handiwork to a judging panel.  Near the close of the event, each roller’s sample cigar will compete with those of his or her ‘competitors.’  The winner will receive an impressive award, a copper-plated chaveta (roller’s knife) and plaque, bearing recognition as “Honorary Toraño Torcedor, 2010” mounted on a framed black velvet. 
     Last, but prominent, is a new Tour 2010 cigar ... with a blend identical to the 2009 Toro  version, but as a 7" x 48 Churchill.  Like last year’s cigars, these will be gift-rolled by Sosa before each guest’s eyes.  They will be available for sale following the events, but only at hosting retailers, with no crossover between last year’s and this year’s shapes.  The Tour Blend 2010 cigars are presented in handsome cedar boxes of 20, with the name of the participating tobacconist clichéd into the lid.
     As Toraño states, “I can’t believe we’re even more enthusiastic about this year’s Tour than 2009's, but the excitement is already building.  Thanks to our loyal retailers and smokers, this will be an even bigger Tour.”

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