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Industry gears up for a fight

Tobacco manufacturers and the food and drinks industry are set to join forces in a desperate bid to defend their industries from Government interference and further restrictions.

From this autumn the on trade expects the Government to move smoking restrictions in public places and to give the green light to local authorities to go for complete bans.

Meanwhile tobacco manufacturers are battling to stop New Labour following the lead of countries across the world and to defend their right to promote cigars through point of sale material. This is the last marketing weapon the industry has left, and if it is removed it will effectively mean a total advertising ban on tobacco products in the United Kingdom.

The Government’s Queen’s speech, set to take place shortly after CigarBuyer went to press, was expected to include further moves towards smoking restrictions but with a General Election expected within the lifetime of the parliament the Government was said to be weighing up its options.

Anything controversial or difficult to implement would be shelved until after an election.

The smoking issue may or may not fall in to that category but fears have been growing steadily over the last few months after a ban was introduced in Dublin and the anti smoking lobby seemed to be gaining the upper hand.

Restaurants and pubs are being urged to fight back against the prospect of further legislation by highlighting the positive moves already being made to promote clean air in venues and by gaining the support of their customers, smokers and non smokers alike, to prove to the Government that there is no desire among customers to have an outright ban in public places. See feature p17
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