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The Davidoff Exhibition

We're back from the Davidoff Exhibition who took place in Lausanne during the last week. At this occasion, we had the opportunity the see in European preview the new products prepared by Davidoff.

Be prepared for something new and non-conventional. Zino is about to launch a new line of cigars (already available in USA): Zino Platinum. The Crown Series shows 3 full bodied cigars, the Scepter Series has 5 virolas, made with the same tobacco but their price is more affordable.

The originality of this new line comes from the blend of these cigars:

75% of Dominican ligero (strong aromas)aged up to 5 years.
25% of tobacco grown in Peru, aged up to 4 years.

Connecticut grown in USA, aged up to 4 years.

Connecticut growed in Equator, aged for 2 years.

Crown Series
The modules of this line have an extraordinary appearence. They are just master pieces. These outstanding cigars are shaped with brand new criterias. The Chubby Especial is a fat boy with pointed ends (5 7/8" 61). The Stretch is a giant figurado(8 1/4" 50). The Double Grande is a bit shorter than a double corona (7 1/2 50).
These cigars will be sold in single or packed in aluminium boxes by 3 units.

Scepter Series
This line will be more affordable. The cigars will be packed in metalic jars with a pop up lid. Chubby is a bit shorter than the Chubby Especial, Grand Master is a tall robusto, Stout is a convex piramide, Low Rider is a fat corona grande, and Shorty is a fat petit corona.

As soon as we'll taste these new Zino Platinum, we'll post some comments.

The official website of the Crown and Scepter Series is  zinoplatinum.

The Griffin's
Did you heard about the new Fuerte line from The Griffin's? We got some of theses cigars (Robustos and Short Coronas). We'll post some comments about these vitolas soon.
Visit the new jr cigar website
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