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Cigar World Records

In this day and age it seems people can make a record out of anything. Ever since the publication of the Guinness Book of World Records, people have been attempting to set records of all sorts. From people who attempt to stay under water longer than anyone else, to those who hope to have more nipple rings than physically possible, records are being set everywhere.
Not immune to this are cigars. Ever a tangible item, people have found a way to make a record out of them. While Bill Clinton perhaps set the record for oddest way to use them, and deny use of them, others have taken more subtle routes and found ways for cigars to put them on the map.

Cigar Box Juggling
A standard element of the gentleman juggler style routine, cigar boxes are a widely used prop. Doing away with bowling pins, knives, or sticks of fire, jugglers usually juggle three cigar boxes, performing tricks with them as they sail through the air.
In 1977, Kris Kremo set a Guinness World Record by releasing one cigar box and catching it after a quadruple pirouette. Taking a turn, this record was broken years later in 1994 when Kristian Kristof went two steps higher and broke the record by releasing all three cigar boxes and catching them after a quadruple pirouette.

Stacked Up
It is as though we as humans have an infatuation with stacking things. Perhaps it goes back to the Tower of Babel in Biblical times, or perhaps it was generated because of all the Lego's we played with as children. Whatever the case, we like to stack things, the higher the better.
This stacking infatuation includes cigar boxes. Usually square and strong, it seems as though they would stack rather easily. However, like anything stacked, the higher the tower, the more likely it leans. But, this wasn’t the case for the world record of most cigar boxes stacked: an astonishing 211 boxes on top of one another, a feat that lasted for 9 seconds, until gravity kicked in.

Longest Cigar Ever Rolled
Yes size matters, especially when you want to set a world record. Jose Castelar Cairo, from Cuba, learned this in early 2004 when his cigar was officially recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest cigar ever hand rolled. With this achievement, he broke his own previously held records.
A cigar roller from Havana, Cairo made the record books by rolling the cigar to an ending length of 20.4 meters. For those unfamiliar with the metric system, this is equivalent to smoking nearly an entire Blue Whale.

Oldest Cigar Smoker
Christian Mortensen, known at the time of his death in 1998 as the world's oldest man, lived to the ripe old age of 115. While he preferred a vegetarian diet, one of his guilty pleasures was a fine Danish cigar, something he smoked with great frequency.
A cigar smoker for the majority of his life, and someone who smoked them up until his last breath, Christian Mortensen likely holds the record for the world's longest cigar smoker.
Though his age could be verified, therefore granting him with "World's Oldest Man" status, there are two other men who claim to be much older. One of these is Ali Mohammed Hussein, of Lebanon, who claims to be 135. The other is Narayan Chaudhari of Nepal, who claims to be 141. Both of these men attest that the key to their old age is abstaining from alcohol, and smoking like a chimney.
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