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Woman and Cigars

Women and cigars mutually exclusive? An incendiary notion if ever there was one. The connection between woman and cigars is legendary. More than 2,000 years ago the ancient Mayans took up smoking. Historically, they were the first people known to roll a good cigar. Anthropologists conjecture that Mayan women were just as likely as men to roll dried tobacco and take a puff.
Nowadays woman who smoke cigar is considered true cigar aficionado. She smokes for the relaxation and pleasure cigar smoking brings. She does not smoke cigars to be part of a "trend." this woman is a strong, passionate, confident, ultra-successful woman. Unique and independent, with discriminating tastes, she lives life to the fullest.

Why would they smoke anyway?
Yes, some women really do like to smoke cigars. Why? You guessed it - pretty much for the same reasons men do. Cigars taste good, and like fine wines, well aged spirits and gourmet food, they are a connoisseur's experience to be contemplated and savored. The ritual of lighting a cigar and savoring the complex tastes of a well aged and properly treated smoke can be a wonderful focus for relaxation and meditative reflection on the pleasures of the here-and-now rather than on the demands of a busy schedule.

Some Statistics about woman smoking cigar
According to the Cigar Association of America, a study conducted in the mid-1980s showed that less than one tenth of one percent of cigar smokers were women. Currently, the Cigar Association estimates that women account for up to two percent of cigar smokers. With about 10 million to 12 million people smoking cigars today compared to 8 million to 10 million during the time of the first study, according to the Cigar Association, there now could be as many as one quarter of a million women cigar smokers compared to as few as 8-10,000 in the mid-1980s.

Best cigars for woman:
1876 "Kelly"
Key West Havana Cigar Co. Gold Label "Amelia"
Diana Silvius Diamond Vintage 2000
Rosa Cuba Media Noche
Davidoff 3000
Match Play
nextGeneration Almiante
Tamboril Torpedo
La Aurora Belicosos
Avo Petit Belicoso
Romeo y Julieta Corona
Key West Havana Cigar Co. Gold Label "Estella"
nextGeneration Sumatra Wrapper Corona
Bahia Corona
Napa Reserve (Dominican Republic) Robusto
Flor de Florez Miami Blend (Blue & White Label) Corona
nextGeneration Natural Wrapper Corona
Dunhill Diamante
Royal Jamaica Corona
Ashton Corona

Most famous woman to smoke a cigar:
Whoopi Goldberg
Bette Midler
Linda Evangelista
Sharon Stone
Demi Moore
Jodie Foster
Ellen Barkin
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