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Sex and Cigar

Think Tom Cruise, Clint eastwood, Bill Clinton. What do their faces conjure up? Charm, sex, mystery, and also a cigar.
For decades the image of a cigar has evoked images of sex and seduction.
The casual angle of the strong brown shaft so easily nestled between lips we long to know. The gentle lift upward of the smoke rings tickling the nose, so sweet and sour.

Years ago it became clear that being seen with a cigar in ones mouth gave the image of manliness and strength. The cigar has been featured in many movies as a representation of sex appeal and prestige. This is exemplified in the movie Oceans 13, recently released, with George Clooney, one of the sexiest men alive, smoking a cigar while tempting and tantalizing women. In the 007 films, James bond was seen smoking a cigar representing his power and mystery.
JACK NICHOLSON another sexy men, was first became enamored of Cuban cigars in 1973, when he was making The Last Detail, insisting that the petty officer character he played be a cigar smoker.

You may have noticed that women, particularly women of the species "yuppius feminas", the same kind that have a penchant for Prada, Versace, and cute looking guys who drive very fast cars, had started to smoke cigar. How it happened? Women hit cigar bars because that's where the men is. That's where the new mating dance is being danced, step by sexy step. Once they pretended to like baseball and football to get our attention, now its cigars. once inside, women lit up, learned to smoke, and liked the feeling that it gave them. The feeling that cigar smoking, if you believe guys who smoke, gives them too. Luxury, Power, Money, Sexuality.
A study that was made in Cuba and looked into the lives of 54 out of the more than 100 centenarians who live in Villa Clara province, showed that Cigars and sex 'boost Cuba lives. Cuba's high number of centenarians says their longevity is down to laying off alcohol, but indulging in cigars and sex.
The most famous affair that is linked to cigar and sex is attributed to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Why Bill Used His Cigar Instead of His Erection With Monica? Some say that the reason is fear of failure. The President inserted a cigar into (Monica's) vagina and then put the cigar in his mouth and said, 'It tastes good. It was said that this is a statement about Bill's felt need for a better penis, more dependable, harder and maybe larger. “Sometimes a cigar is more then just a cigar”.
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